Dear Friends & Visitors,
Due to the e-mails we receive every week, we have added this page to answer some of the most common questions that you may be asking. We hope that you find all of the answers to your questions and if you don't find the answers to your concerns, please feel free to let us know.

Questions about our custom Lego sets

  • How often do you add new custom Lego models?
    Sometimes we add new Lego models every week and at other times it can be a few weeks depending on the size and type of the Lego models. For example, small Lego sets require a lot less pieces and time than modular buildings so there is no way of telling for sure when the next custom set comes out. We are currently adding about 3 to 4 custom models every month.

  • How do I purchase the pieces I need to  built the Lego models?
    All of our custom Lego sets are built with pieces that were purchased directly through the Lego website's Pick-a-Brick and replacement department. This ensures that all of the pieces were readily available and you should not have any problems purchasing them as well. The rare pieces that are available through the replacement department are listed in our database, so all you need to do is to look them up and enter the Lego ID # for each piece. You can also find many of the Lego pieces on eBay and other websites if you prefer.

  • How to print out the custom stickers you see in our Lego models?
    All of the stickers you see in our custom Lego sets can be easily recreated by yourself and you can also add your own personal touches if you like.
    All you need is a color printer, mailing labels and any standard program that allow you to insert images like Word, PhotoShop, Paint, etc.
    When we built a custom model, we simply do a Google search for the type of business or brand and click on the image results. Then we copy an image we like and paste it in a program like Word, PhotoShop, Publisher, etc. All that is needed is to resize it, print it out on shipping label paper, cut it out and apply it on the Lego pieces.
    HINT: To save money, always  print out on regular paper first and make sure that the size is perfect. This way you don't waste the expensive shipping label paper. The shipping label paper can be bought at most office supply stores and we get ours from eBay where many sellers offer it for a lot less. We use the half-page ones so that there are two labels per page. These are the same labels that we use for FedEx and UPS shipping and they are standard sizes.